Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Transient Gleams

November 7, 2010
Moreau Lake State Park

Tell me precisely
the value and significance of these transient gleams
which come sometimes at the end of the day…
Too late to be of any service
to the works of man for the day …
Is this not a language
to be heard and understood?
HDT Journal, Oct 28, 1857

Due to my work schedule, I don’t get to go out walking much in the late afternoons. Like the morning, the later part of a day has its own charms.
Last night, we turned the clocks back one hour, ending Daylight Savings Time.
The days themselves have been naturally getting shorter, and now, it’s a sort of shock to see the sun sinking down around 4 p.m. (Even earlier if you live in the shadow of a mountain.) Gone are those midsummer walks after supper, in a twilight that lasts till 9 p.m.!

Even though the planets continue on their regular schedule, the weather itself is more fickle. It’s still pretty warm for this time of year. After a morning walk, I still hadn’t gotten enough of being outside, and headed down to Moreau Lake.

First for a long walk around Mud Pond.

I guess someone else had the same idea...

As the sun began to sink toward the long mountain ridge, I headed back to the Lake section of the park. 

In a quiet side cove, I watched the colors of the last autumn leaves reflected in the water.
The Artist used several different mediums –


And of course, watercolors!

This hillside on the right is known as Fernwood, and there was a large mansion here a hundred years ago. It must have been a lovely place to sit and watch the sun set. Come to think of it,
it still is.

A pair of buffleheads came cruising in from the lake at low altitude, flashing black and white. Instead of landing in the cove, they apparently changed their minds, perhaps seeing me standing on the shoreline.
Without slowing their pace, they did a sharp turn together, flashing past golden treetops, and me, on their way back out to the open water.

As the shadows in the cove grew longer and joined fingers, I headed back toward the Lake.

Any moment now, the sun would sink below the mountain’s crest.

It was then I saw a sort of glow in the air.
It was just around the corner … that transient gleam!
In a few moments it was gone.


  1. What a treasure we have in this beautiful lake! And how fortunate we are to have your photographs to capture its many ways of being beautiful. At every turn, another delight.

  2. Lovely photos with your post. I think I like the first one best. Thanks for sharing!

    Carolyn H.

  3. Sue, Thanks for sharing your afternoon. Especially in this season when flowers and bright leaves are not abundant, your photographs are particuarly beautiful. I think we are more likely to notice that transient gleam now. (and maybe it's partly due to our shared enthusiasm for leaves in the water and shimmering reflections.)

  4. thank you all for your lovely comments. I work in the evenings, and so there is sometimes a delay in me getting back to Blog Headquarters to acknowledge your comments, but I do appreciate each and every one !
    I'd sure love to go walking with any of you, if you could stand my slow pace (i.e., stopping to look at things).