Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Old Familiar Walk

November 1, 2010
Betar Path, South Glens Falls

And yet
there is no more tempting novelty 
than this new November. 
No going to Europe or another world is to be named with it.
Give me the old familiar walk, post-office and all, 
with this ever new self, 
with this infinite expectation and faith, 
which does not know when it is beaten.

We'll go nutting once more. 
We'll pluck the nut of the world, and crack it in the winter evenings.
Theatres and all other sightseeing are puppet-shows in comparison.
I will take another walk to the Cliff, 
another row on the river, 
another skate on the meadow, 
be out in the first snow, 
and associate with the winter birds.

Here I am at home. 
In the bare and bleached crust of the earth
I recognize my friend.
HDT Journal,  November 1, 1858

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  1. That Thoreau! Doesn't he just sum it all up perfectly?