Saturday, January 9, 2010

How Many Eagles

January 6, 2010
Betar Path, South Glens Falls

We who live this plodding life here below never know
how many eagles fly over us.
HDT Journal 1854

I know it’s a fault of my nature, to return to where I saw something, hoping to see it again in exactly the same place. But you have to start somewhere ! So I had a few moments in this day – really just a half hour’s time – to see if there was still a bald eagle hanging out along the Betar Trail.

At first, I looked in the same spot where, last week, Lindsey had spotted one sitting on a broken tree stump.
Hmm, what’s that ?

Nope. Not-an-eagle.

It’s difficult now, with all the snow-clumps in the pines – it’s as if the eagles know they are well-camoflagued in these places.
You have to check carefully with binoculars to make sure these clumps are NOT an eagle’s white head.

I walked to the Beach area, which has a good view upriver.

The usual snow-clumps in the trees – no, wait!

With my naked eyes, one of the clumps looked like it was moving.

Binoculars up – it’s TWO eagles !

They were very far off, and I had no snowshoes, and no time left. The camera managed to catch a glimpse of the pair as they sat; seemingly aware of my presence, but not taking wing.

It certainly was a treat to see two adult eagles sitting together.

On the way home through Glens Falls, I saw an eagle who let me get REALLY close !

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  1. I think you must have eagle in your ancestry. You certainly have "eagle" eyes! Ye gods, woman, how on earth could you see those two in that tree?!