Monday, January 4, 2010

Chilling Out

[Backtracking a little, to catch up on the last few walks of 2009…)

December 29, 2009
Betar Path (but mostly the Peppermill Restaurant )
South Glens Falls

Even the bright sunshine could not raise the temperature much above 10 degrees today.

Add to that, a brisk wind: it’s Wind-Chill Time !
Taking advantage of one of Lindsey's rare days off, Jackie and I agreed to meet with her at the south end of the short but sweet Betar Path in South Glens Falls.
I knew that northwest wind coming across the river would be brutal there -- and with those conditions, we probably wouldn't see many birds -- but we were calling it a Bird Walk anyway.
I pulled in to the parking area, where Lindsey's car was already parked.
She was just sitting in her car, scoping something with binocs.
"What are you doing, you weenie, birding from inside the car, just because it's cold?"
"No," she said, just barely containing her excitement, "I'm watching a bald eagle!"

And there, perched on a snag on the far side of the small lagoon, was an adult baldy.

Some crows were hanging out in nearby branches, obviously there to pester the eagle.
I rummaged around in my car for the camera and binocs - and warm hat and scarf -
We tried to walk down to a closer viewing spot. It was a long shot.

The eagle flew off upriver, but not before I managed to get one shaky photo.

It was great to see an eagle in that area (the Moreau Park eagle watches take place not much further upriver). For Lindsey it was a big thrill - it was the first eagle she had seen in the wild! Jackie arrived just as the eagle flew off, but shared in our joy.

We congratulated ourselves on our good fortune, and having achieved our goal of
"seeing one (1) or more birds,"
we hastened down the road to the Peppermill Restaurant for coffee and other goodies. It was good sitting and chatting with my trail friends, talking about past adventures and planning new ones.

After lunch, we went back on the trail but it was so cold we make it brief.
Lindsey somehow spotted a hermit thrush, which is more unusual than seeing an eagle at this time of year!

Bundled up like the kids from Christmas Story.

Noontime shadows are long and lean.

For you Beaufort Scale fans: here's how windy it was !


  1. COLDEST. DAY. EVER. Oh my god. But a truly awesome one!

    That picture of the bald eagle - SO GREAT! I'm also impressed with the nearby tree, with it's half yellow-green bark...hmmm.

    LOL at Jackie and you!

  2. I remember that day. I haven't thawed out yet. Your first photo perfectly captures the icy chill. But look what made it all worth it: that splendid bald eagle. Not to mention the warmth of your friendship and the great Peppermill food.