Sunday, March 15, 2015

Frozen Dreams

February 21 2015
Hudson Falls, NY

The landscape covered with snow,
seen by moonlight from these Cliffs,
encased in snowy armor two feet thick, …
Who can believe that this is the habitable globe?

   HDT Journal, February 3, 1852

To be truthful, we have not had the heavy snows that have befallen the state of Massachusetts this year, so I really can’t complain.
What snow we have gotten has been fluffy, and in manageable amounts.

 HowEVER,  in my neck of the woods,  February has been the second coldest on record.
The average temperature this month in Albany, NY (an hour south of here) was 12.7 degrees.
Neverless, one must get out and walk, just to maintain one’s sanity until springtime comes.

Last night it went down to 12 below (again.)
Today, even though it was dim and cloudy, it warmed up to 19 degrees, and off I went for a short stroll over by East Field.
Summer dreams ...

Dreams deferred...

No one wants ice cream now (except me)

Some have given up the fight completely

Ice and Icicles everywhere

And the forecast of more on the way

It had started to sleet again, just as I returned home.
There’s only one thing to do on a day like this:

Bake bread !

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