Saturday, June 21, 2014

Not Writing

June 20, 2014
Water's Edge, NY

What if I should forget to write about my not writing?
   HDT, Letter to H.G.O.Blake, May 28, 1850

O, things have fallen so far behind, and there are reasons large and small for this condition. 
Just after my last post -- way back in April -- some changes occurred that caused quite a bit of re-arranging of my personal time.
Suffice it to say that after working many years on an evening schedule,
it was decided that I should henceforth work on days. 
There’s more to it than that,
but let’s just say that I am grateful to have a job,
in these days when so many others suddenly find themselves un-employed.

I’ve no problem with getting up early,
at least during these summer days,
when the sun is lighting up the treetops at 5:30 a.m.
That means that I hit the hay a lot earlier now.
But where did all my free time go 

Those long morning rambles are a thing of the past now. 
After a long work-day, there is only time and energy enough
for the shortest of walks after dinner.
By the time I could finally sit down to blog ... I'm nodding off!

It has been quite a creative slump. 
The longer this malady of “not-writing” lingers, the harder it seems to shake.
I’ve been walking around in a funk, as if in mourning. 
(Mourning for lost mornings?)
I thank those of you reading this now for having faith in me,
at a time when my faith in myself is pretty low.
But things are beginning to look up now.

On weekends, I do have at least one day to wander free for hours,
in the woods and waters that I love.
And I'm becoming quite the connoisseur of sunsets.
I am learning to cherish those smaller bits of time in the outdoors.

My Journal of photos still grows.
I hope to glean some favorites from the last two months,
and share them here in a future post,
to show that spring and summer not have passed un-noticed.
But first – next -- a blog about Here & Now. 

There can be no very black melancholy 
to him who lives in the midst of Nature
and has his senses still.
   HDT, Walden

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  1. Hope you adjust successfully to the new schedule!