Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Beach, Again

January 26, 2014
[about Rockport, Massachusetts]

Still held on without a break
the inland barrens and shrubbery,
the desert and the high sand-bank with its even slope,
the broad white beach,
the breakers,
the green water on the bar,
and the Atlantic Ocean;
and we traversed with delight new reaches of the shore …
    HDT, The Beach Again, Cape Cod 1865

One more batch of memories of my beach vacation …

This year, instead of museums, or schooner-rides, or shopping
(not that those aren’t pleasant pursuits),
Our days very quickly devolved into visits to various beaches,
each within minutes of our hotel (which was itself right on a beach),
to spend several hours thereon just relaxing,
   and letting the eye enjoy wide vistas,
   and the mind spin free.
At that time of year, there were no admission fees,
No crowds to speak of,
No bugs,
No menu but what we packed in the little cooler,
And no clocks to pay attention to.

Fond memories,
and things to look forward to in the future,
to keep me warm on a cold snowy evening, far inland.

Front Beach:


Good Harbor Beach:

and Wingaersheek again!

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  1. These photos are just gorgeous! Also, it's nice to imagine such warmth as the thermometer plunges again.