Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mother’s Day

May 12, 2013
Southern Adirondacks, NY

Methinks the columbine here is more remarkable
for growing out of the seams of the rocks
than the saxifrage,
and perhaps better deserves the latter name.
It is now in its prime, ornamental for nature’s rockwork.
It is a beautiful sight to see large clusters
of splendid scarlet and yellow flowers
growing out of a seam in the side of this gray cliff.
   HDT Journal,  May 16, 1852

It was Mother’s Day, and Mom didn’t want anyone fussing over her.
As usual. 
There was no need to “go visit” – Mom lives with me now,
and I get to see her every day.
But this day is definitely worth celebrating, so we opted for a nice ride,
and someplace fun for lunch.
When I was a kid, we called this Taking a Sunday Drive.
For our family, this usually involved  a few hours of aimless wandering on roads in Bucks County, in a late-model Ford with a hefty V-8 engine   – well, after all, it was back when gas was 30 cents a gallon.
My parents probably just wanted to relax after a long work week. They did so by taking a Sunday Drive from our suburban home to “the country” (which, alas, is now covered with more suburban homes.)
The creeks, large Sycamores, and old barns that were landmarks for my young eyes then – all gone.
My last visit to that part of Pennsylvania was unsettling. The place was unrecognizable.


Our Sunday Drive today took us northward, toward the Adirondacks.

The ride began with flowers.
Mom didn’t want anything from a florist shop.
And it was still early to think of buying anything to plant on our little balcony.

Instead, I took a short detour, to check on some wild treasures nearby.
We are both happy just to look, and enjoy them in their natural setting.

We continued up  Route 9, which winds north, paralleling the Northway.
No longer the main route north, it was now the road-not-taken,
which added to its charm.

Our destination: Schroon Lake.
We had lunch at a bistro where they make crepes to order.
(And Moms received a free latte of their choice)

After a fine meal, we visited some shops, just looking,
and then Mom was ready to head home.
We took a new route on the way back, avoiding the Northway again,

enjoying the sunny day to explore quiet back roads.

On the way out of the village, I saw a bit of color in the rocky cliffs along the road.
"Why are you stopping?" Mom said.

There were hundreds of Columbines in bloom, more than I have even seen in one place.
They lit up in the sun like so many tiny lanterns.

The ride began and ended with beautiful flowers, but the prettiest of all is … my Mom !  

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  1. Just lovely! Both the drive and the company. And also your account and your photos. Thanks for bringing us along on your Sunday drive.