Friday, January 25, 2013

In the Midst of Abundance

January 21, 2013
Mud Pond, Moreau Lake State Park, NY

We pray for your blessing
because without it,
we will only see scarcity in the midst of abundance.
But with your blessing we will recognize
the abundance of the gifts of this good land
with which you have endowed this nation.

   Rev. Luis Leon, Closing Prayer at the Presidential Inauguration ceremony,
January 21, 2013

After several more dark and damp winter days, the clouds (and my mood) lifted.
(As they both always do.)
Monday was going to be colder and cloudy, but no wind, so it was a good time to revisit Mud Pond to see what was happening there.
The trail was packed down and crunchy.
No chance of sneaking up on any critters this way !

Instead, I bushwacked off the beaten path, which was easy in the shallow snow.
I went  searching for signs of life.
At first glance, it seemed a bleak landscape.

But looking closer, there were signs of abundance.
Steadfast friends,  low-growing plants

Some of which are beautiful even in their demise.

Hepaticas huddled under the snow, planning their Spring Wardrobes
(“what are YOU planning to wear? I’m going with a pale lilac.”)

I wished to see something grand -- like an Eagle flying over the pond, or one of the Beavers in the channel that now connects the New Lodge with the Old one.

As far as critters, I saw nary a one. 

Instead, I was content with the clues left behind

Where someone had passed by, perhaps only hours ago

These are the distinctive tracks of the Fisher.

The pond level is still very low, and you can walk easily along the exposed shoreline.

Always an opportunity to do some trail maintance!
If you were grossed out by the deer poop photo, this should upset you more – at least the poop is biodegradable ... 

(Despite the noble claims on the label, this thing was never going to recycle itself.)

Into the bag it goes, and I wander onward along the shore.
Here there are more signs of abundance – on a very small scale.

Small and tender leaves  – but they are not defenseless

All are ready to spring forth when the right time comes.

Some don’t grow in size at all, but just endure, like the liverworts and mosses.

This specimen is about one inch across – note the even tinier snail shell perched on top.

The more I looked into the frozen mud at the pond’s edge, the more I saw.
There was a whole thriving green community of tiny organisms.
Even if I don't know all their names, it's nice to know they are there.


  1. Abundance, indeed! Especially for those, like you, who have eyes to see.

  2. Don't you love finding little green bits this time of year?

    1. Yes, it's amazing that anything could hold onto its color in this cold time of year, one can't help but find it cheering.