Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

November 24, 2011
Queensbury, NY
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone !

[an excerpt from Thoreau's Journal, August 17, 1851:]

I am not so poor --
I can smell the ripening apples --

the very rills are deep --

the autumnal flowers, the Trichostema dichotoma --

not only its bright blue flower above the sand
but its strong wormwood scent
which belongs to the season --

feed my spirit --
endear the earth to me --
make me value myself & rejoice --

the quivering of pigeons' wings
reminds me of the tough fibre of the air which they rend.

I thank you, God.
I do not deserve anything.
I am unworthy of the least regard
& yet I am made to rejoice.

I am impure & worthless --
& yet the world is gilded for my delight

and holidays are prepared for me --

& my path is strewn with flowers.


  1. Nice, nice, nice!

    I love how you find just the right illustrations for the words. :o)

    You always open a window on the things of home (the Adirondacks) for a transplant to SD.

  2. Just exquisite, Sue, both the words and the photos. One of the things I'm most grateful for is having a fellow nature lover like you for a friend.

  3. WoW!!!!!!!! The pics are pleasant to see.... :)