Thursday, August 26, 2010

Note to Faithful Readers

Several of you may be chuckling at the irony of the quote used in the previous blog.
It is now over a month later, and I am just getting around to writing about those days at Walden Pond.

“The heat” that Thoreau spoke of was of course not a reference to weather, but to capturing a moment soon after its occurrence.
I trust that my memories are still at least lukewarm –
but after this next entry,
there will be only a few more posts to somehow
express the essence of
the peak of summer.
Then it’s time to catch up to the present moment.
Meanwhile – summer is moving on with or without me !

Corn grows in the night.
HDT Journal, June, 1841

1 comment:

  1. That cornfield is simply the essence of summer. I can feel the heat rising and hear the bugs buzzing. You have so many beautiful photos, I know you do. Why not just throw some up on your blog without trying to come up with commentary to fit? If you think that would violate the spirit of this blog, why not start another blog that is simply a photo gallery? I am hungry to see more of your work.