Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just SUET !

December 9, 2009

Overnight, we received a fresh batch of snow. Now we seem guaranteed a White Christmas, (which is the norm here in upstate New York -- unlike where I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania, where I remember many a brown December and January.)
The flakes were still coming down at a good clip in the morning. They were fine, but light – around eight inches’ worth.

Just the other day we put the suet feeder out on the little balcony of our apartment.
That is apparently against The Rules here, but for sheer entertainment value, we can’t resist.
Sitting at breakfast at the old oak farm table, and watching the feeder through the big double window, is better than TV.
We call it “The Bird Channel.”

Despite the snow falling thickly, one bird after another came for a visit. When the snow eased up around lunchtime, there was not a bird to be seen. Maybe they were off somewhere digesting their greasy brunch.

Here’s a gallery of patrons at the Meadowbrook CafĂ©:

Those without reservations had to wait in line…

…while the Waitress prepared their table. (That’s my mom, playing in the snow!)

The Northern Juncos were first to arrive.

They seems a generally optimistic bird.

Then the woodpeckers – by the size of the beak, I would guess this is a female Hairy Woodpecker.

I like how they use their tail to brace themselves.

A single Black-capped Chickadee came for a drive-thru visit.

Then some Tufted Titmice had a turn at the suet bar.

Finally, we had a return visit from a Carolina Wren.

As she hopped around at different angles, you could admire her beautiful wood-grain feathers.

Compared to the smiling Junco, this chick looks positively pouty.
“Is that all there is?”


  1. You have titmice! I'm jealous! Once in a blue moon one will visit, but mostly we just don't have 'em here. It's very sad. :( Still, cardinals have made it here (althoug, come to think of it, I haven't heard one for many many months now), so maybe titmice will arrive eventually.

  2. The "Bird Channel"! I laughed out loud at that! Great shots of the darling creatures who share our winters with us, especially that opening photo of the junco with the snow coming down. I didn't know the wren would still be around. What a dear little pouty face!