Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Again Home Again

[A few more entries to catch us up to the present time - the past month is being creatly compressed !]July 14 2009

After a week at Walden, despite all those lovely adventures, I was looking forward to returning to Moreau Park, and just wandering around enjoying my home turf. It would be a pleasant contrast to the crowds at Walden Pond. All I really had time for was a short walk - over to the Little Beach to check on the pearly everlasting, which should be blooming now.

But what’s this? As I passed through the picnic area, there were lots of folks standing around over near the playground. There was a little tent set up, with kids sitting in the doorway, and a Subaru loaded with kayaks parked nearby, and people with large cameras and reflectors --eh? Peter (Park Manager) and Dave (Environmental Educator) were there too, & explained to me that a film crew was making commercial for NY state parks. There was a “model family” (complete with trendy dog) and the crew was shooting film this day of them “camping”, kayaking, etc. in our very own scenic paradise Moreau Park.

They also wanted to film a segment of the educational offerings at State Parks as well, so local favorite Dave got some of the Nature Center's goodies out. As usual, a crowd of kids gathered around him. It looked like he was having fun!

All in a day’s work for Dave, who makes learning fun even for us big kids.Who knows but this could be the start of a film career?

More likely, it will be the start of even more visitors coming to Moreau in the future.
Thinking of that with mixed feelings, I continued on my walk.
Saw toadflax, which is also called butter-and-eggs. It makes me think of a big plate of scrambled eggs like they serve at Sally’s Hen House:

Speaking of hens – a mandala of ducks was hanging out by the Fishing Bridge.

She would have been a good spokeswoman for the commercial –
instead of "AFLAC !" - she could be quacking "OPRHP !" *

(*Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation)

Don’t forget ME – I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille ~!

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